• NEA : 9556 MWh
  • Subsidiary Company : 6003 MWh
  • Private Sector : 10534 MWh
  • Import : 0 MWh
  • Tripping : 0 MWh
  • Energy Demand : 26092 MWh
  • NEA : 00 MW
  • Subsidiary Company : 00 MW
  • Private Sector : 00 MW
  • Import : 00 MW
  • Tripping : 00 MW
  • Peak Demand : 1410 MW

Construction Of Inaruwa Substation In Full Swing With Target To Complete By December

11 October, 2021

In order to strengthen the power transmission and distribution system in the country, the work of 400 kV and 220/132/33 KV Inaruwa substations based on Gas Insulated System (GIS) under construction in Sunsari district is in full swing.

Both the substations are being constructed with the aim of completing and operating (charging) within December 2021.
After the project is completed, the Inaruwa substation will be another major hub for the transmission system that supplies electricity in east-west stretch, according to NEA.

In addition to electricity supply to the national transmission system through substations, power will be supplied in local areas to make power supply in the region reliable and qualitative.

The overall construction progress of 400 kV and 220/132/33 kV substations is 65 and 85 per cent respectively, NEA said
Most of the civil structures of 400 kV and 220/132/33 kV substations have been completed.

Similarly, the main equipment, including transformer, reactor, circuit breaker have been brought to the construction site.
Equipment of 220/132/33 kV substation have been connected.

Managing Director of NEA Kul Man Ghising has requested to complete the work on time after inspecting the construction site and discussing with the project management, contractor company and consultant involved in the construction.

"The construction of Inaruwa substation has to be completed immediately to provide more power to the industries of Morang-Sunsari Industrial Corridor and to make the supply reliable and qualitative. We are ready to solve the problem of construction of such substation immediately," he said.

The electricity generated from the hydropower projects constructed on the Arun and Tamor rivers and their tributaries will be connected to the Inaruwa substation through the Koshi Corridor 220 KV transmission line.
Construction of Inaruwa-Basantapur-Tumlingtar section of Koshi Corridor has been completed while Basantapur-Dhungesanghu section is under construction.

The contract agreement was signed in December 2018 for the construction of 400 kV substation being constructed with the investment of Nepal government.

The 220/132/33 kV substation has been constructed under the Nepal-India Power Transmission and Trade Project with the investment of the government of Nepal and concessional loan from the World Bank.
The old contract for the construction of the substation was cancelled and a new contract was signed in December, 2018.

The construction of the substation was affected due to the hindrance to bring equipment and technicians due to the lockdown imposed for the prevention and control of COVID-19.
At present, the construction of 400 and 220 kV substations is targeted to complete by December.

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