• NEA : 7769 MWh
  • Subsidiary Company : 4070 MWh
  • Private Sector : 8141 MWh
  • Import : 9076 MWh
  • Tripping : 7 MWh
  • Energy Demand : 29063 MWh
  • NEA : 00 MW
  • Subsidiary Company : 00 MW
  • Private Sector : 00 MW
  • Import : 00 MW
  • Tripping : 00 MW
  • Peak Demand : 1642 MW

Minister Bhusal Instructs To Complete Tanahu Hydro In Time

30 November, 2021

Minister for Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation Pampha Bhusal inspected the 140 MW Tanahu Hydropower Project under construction in Tanahun district Monday.

While inspecting the project, she directed to complete the works of the reservoir hydropower project in time without any delay.
According to a press statement of Tanahun Hydropower Company, she has inspected the construction site of the first package including river dam, underground power house, tailrace, tunnel and other structures.

"Except for Kulekhani, all the projects in operation are based on run of river. As production decreases in winter, we still have to import electricity to meet the domestic demand and waste it in the rainy season," Bhusal said.

“There should be no delay due to resources and local problems, among others. It should be completed within the stipulated time and cost,” she said.

Stating that the construction work should be carried out in coordination with the local level and inter-ministerial coordination, she expressed her commitment to provide immediate assistance to solve the problems that may arise in the construction.

She said that the area could be developed as a tourist destination after the construction of the reservoir hydropower project and the locals could directly benefit from it.

Kiran Kumar Shrestha, managing director of Tanahun Hydropower Limited, the promoter of the project, briefed about the physical and financial progress achieved so far in the construction and the problems faced.

The contract agreement with Song Da Corporation, Vietnam-Kalika Construction (Pvt. Ltd.) Nepal JV for the construction of the first package of the project has come into effect from August 30, 2021

Song Da-Kalika JV has started the work of diverting the river by setting up its office, labour accommodation facility and mobile crusher plant.

The construction work of the second package of the project, including tunnel, construction of power house and supply, connection and operation of hydromechanical and electromechanical equipment is underway.

The contractor company has completed the construction of cable tunnel and main access tunnel and is digging underground power house.

The construction of 220 kV double circuit transmission line from Damauli to Bharatpur of Chitwan is underway under the third package of the project. So far, the foundation work of 30 towers has been completed and eight towers have been installed.

The overall construction of the project is targeted to be completed by 2026.
The total cost of the company's capital structure and financial management project (including transmission line, rural electrification and construction period interest) is USD 505 million.

Of this, ADB has financed USD 150 million, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) USD 184 million, European Investment Bank USD 85 million and Government of Nepal/Nepal Electricity Authority USD 86 million. 

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